You Don’t Need Lots Of Views Or Follower To Monetize Your Content – Here’s Why

you don't need lots of views to monetize content

Most people think they need a lot of views or followers to monetize their content. They think they need to build a very large audience first.

Because of that, they wait for weeks and months creating content into the void in the hopes of monetizing in the future.

And what happens is, most of them never get to monetize that content, because first of all, that content was not designed to get monetized in the first place. It was just designed to gain views and maybe followers.

And some, during the process of waiting, they get tired of the whole thing and just give up.

What if I tell you that you don’t need a lot of views, you don’t need a lot of followers, and you don’t need a lot of traffic to monetize your content?

To monetize your content, all you need is a framework designed to convert your first few views and traffic into customers that spend money in your business.

The problem most people have when trying to monetize their content is not views and followers.

It’s the absence of a system or framework built in place that converts traffic, no matter how small it is, into customers that buys from you and thereby generates income for you.

I had that same problem when I got started. I thought I needed thousands of views to get my content monetized, when in reality, all I needed was just the framework that will allow me to convert those very first views I get into income.

Before now, I thought I needed to wait for some time to build an audience before giving any thoughts towards monetization.

I believed that for a very long time. And that’s totally bullocks. That’s the worst advice about content creation you could ever receive. And I’m sorry, I even gave that advice to some people when I didn’t know any better.

You don’t need to wait for any amount of time to build an audience before monetization, you start monetization immediately by building a framework in place that will ensure each content you create converts people into customers that pay you money for your products.

Now here’s the simple framework:

You identify a problem people have, you offer a free product that helps people solve that problem by themselves in exchange for their email address, and then you market a paid product to them in the backend that helps them solve that problem in its entirety.

That’s how 99 percent of online businesses work. You visit any website right now, they have a product they want you to buy, so they offer you a free version of that product.

pricing table - monetization framework

You register to use the free version of that product, you like it, and then they offer you a pro or paid version of that same product. Of course, the pro version comes with extra features that just makes it the exact solution you need for whatever reason you’re on their website.

That’s the framework. You know a problem people have, you get people through the door with a free version of the solution, and then you offer them a paid version.

Every piece of content you create from day 1 will now be designed to get people into the doors of your business, to get people to get the free version or maybe the paid version directly.

But at the end of the day, once you get them into your business, into your email list, you have the power to sell to them, and make money down the line.

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Trust me, I’ve been where you are, and I know what I’m talking about.

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