A Winning Strategy To Make More Money As A Content Creator

winning strategy to make more money as a content creator

The more content you create and put out there, the more engagement you receive on social media, or the more people find you through search (Google, Bings), the more money you make.

So, your goal is to put more content out there, gain more engagement, more followers, more customers, more money.

In order for that to happen however, you must come up with a winning strategy, a plan or blueprint you must follow that helps you put more content out there, and attract more people to your brand.

It’s like a football team. Every team needs a playing strategy, formation and tactics. That’s why the club employs a manager that comes up with these formation and tactics for the team.

As a club owner, you can decide to just sign a bunch of players, and send them out there to play other teams by themselves without a manager or a coach. They’d play, and they may win some games and lose others. But you can be certain that without a manager to give the team a winning strategy, formation and tactics, that team will perform poorly overall.

That is why you need a winning strategy, formation and tactics.

As a creator, you need it. Without it, you’d be like that team without a manager. No matter how much money and resources you have at your disposal to spend on your marketing, without that winning strategy, it’s over even before it began.

What your winning strategy should look like

Your winning strategy should comprise, when to create content and how to efficiently get that content in front of the right people.

So, you need to know the type of content you need to create. You need to know which platform you want to use to share that content, and you need to know your target audience, which is the kind of people you want to see your content.

Choose the right type of content for your business

Today, there are different forms of content you can create. You can write articles, make YouTube videos, shorts, reels, stories, images and more.

If you want to succeed as a creator today, you need not create every style of content. You just need to find the most relevant ones for the type of business you operate and prioritize those ones.

In a previous article, I talked about how to maximize your strengths and weaknesses as a creator, by choosing the right type of content to create more of, and what to create less of.

Do some testing

If you’re just starting out, you’re not going to figure out the best type of content to create right away. It’s going to take some trial and error, and time for you to figure out what you’re really good at creating and what type of content your audience likes engaging with the most.

But as a new creator, create more of what you can create. If you can write more, write more, if you’re better at making videos, then make more videos.

Study your niche and come up with several winning content ideas ahead of time.

Some creators only brainstorm a new content idea or topic, only when they need to write or create a new piece of content

If you only think about what you’re going to write or make a video about, only when you need to write or make that video, then you have no winning content strategy.

To have a winning content strategy, you must study your niche, go through the type of content other people in your niche are creating, find what’s working for them, compile a list of the best performing topics ahead of time, then you can start creating the meat of the content for each topic one after the other.

So, if you’re in the fitness niche, go through the content of other fitness creators, and see what’s working for them. Then compile a list of the best performing topics you find, and use that to create your own.

With that list, you don’t have to brainstorm each time you want to create a new piece of content. Just go through your list, pick out a topic, and create content about it for your audience.

That list should always be expanding on a day to day basis. Any time you think of a new content idea that your audience should know about, you should go add it to that list immediately, so you don’t forget.

Allocate time to each task and create in bulk if you can

Most newbie creators wake up each morning, and decide whether to write an article, make a video, upload to social media, create an ad for their business depending on how they’re feeling that day.

They don’t have any dedicated day or time for creating content, then another time or day for things like scheduling/publishing, coming up with content ideas and so on. They just do whatever they like at any particular time or sequence. There is no plan.

I believe, if you want to be efficient as a creator, you must learn to allocate all your tasks to different times or days in their order of importance or how sophisticated each task is.

I personally, I like to pick out a time of the day when I just create content in bulk. That’s when my creative juices are at their highest flow rate, and I use them to write and create new content and nothing more.

Then, I also pick out other times, when I publish or schedule these post to the various platforms I use.

Choose which platform to use

The type of people you want to attract will determine the platform you use to create and publish your content.

For instance, if you’re a comedian, there’s no need to start a blog like this. Your comedy content will not perform really well on a blog. But it will perform very well as a video/shorts on Facebook, YouTube, Tik-Tok, Instagram and so on.

On the other hand, if you’re in the fitness or food niche, you can start a blog, you can create a website, you can also publish to YouTube, and other video platforms, depending on whether you’re making video or written content.

Knowing where your content will perform best and using the right platform must be part of your winning content strategy.

Schedule content ahead of time

If you only publish content to your social media pages once in 3 days, once a week, or once in 2 weeks, that’s not growing an audience. That’s you using social media like every regular Joe.

If you don’t publish regularly, peoples interest will die off, and your audience will go cold and will not grow as fast as you want.

Growing an active community on any social platforms requires daily and regular publishing. At least once or twice a day on each platform.

The issue however, is that you can’t just sit around staring at your phone or your laptop everyday, waiting to publish to your audience. You have a life, and you have other things to attend to.

That’s why you must schedule content ahead of time. That’s why I also talked about allocating time for each task and creating content in bulk. Have a content creation marathon if you can.

When you create social media posts in bulk, then you can schedule them into different days of the week. You can even schedule months ahead, so you don’t have to spend time posting everyday.

Each scheduled week or month gives you peace of mind to create the remaining weeks or months in peace and take care of other aspects of your life knowing that your socials are taken care of.

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