This Is Why You’re Struggling To Sell Your Products

why you're not selling

Every product can be sold, as long as it solves a problem, satisfies a need, a want or meets a demand. Sometimes however, as a business owner, you struggle to sell your products whether you’re trying to sell it online or offline.

Why is that? What are the reasons for that? Is it that you’re selling the wrong products or what? Of course it’s possible that you’re selling the wrong products. I believe wrong or bad products are products with little to no demand.

Products created with little to no regards as to how much demand they have are bad products. In this modern digital space, a product is good, if people are already searching for it before it was made.

That’s how you know people will buy that product if you start selling it. There’s already a high demand for it even before you made it.

How To Check If Your Product Is Sellable In The First Place

There are tools to check if there’s demand for a particular product or group of products. There are tools to check if you product is sellable. Example of such tools include the popular Google keyword planner, Google trends, Answer the public and so on. These are just some of the few free tools you can use.

If you have access to Ahrefs and Semrush keyword research tools, then you can use those as well. These are all tools and ways you can use to access how much people are searching for the solution to the problem your product solves or are searching for the satisfaction your product provides.

Now the question still remains. Does selling the right product, does selling a product with a high demand guarantee that you will sell as a business owner? Does it guarantee sales for you?

The answer is a resounding NO.

What Guarantees Sales Then?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling the right products or not. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling the product with the highest demand in the whole world. Selling a product like that does not gurrantee you sales.

What gurrantees you sales is ACCESS. Access to the right audience. Access to the people in need of that product.

Now, I’ll give you 3 simple scenarios of what I mean by access.

First scenario.

Who’ll sell more? Someone who has a store and sells phone gadgets and digital cameras in the heart of New York City with a total population of 8.46 million people, in Times Square or someone who sells the same phone gadgets and cameras in Greenport Village with a total population of only 2589 people?

business in times square NYC
Business in Times Square NYC vs Business in Greenport

Well, I’m sure you’ll say the store owner in Times Square, New York city. That store owner have access to a very large customer base that are likely interested in that kind of product. That access will allow more and more people to find him, his store and his products, and buy those products.

business in greenport NY
Sell phones and gadgets in Times Square NYC or sell the same products here in Greenport NY

Here’s another scenario.

Who’ll sell more? A business owner selling boats in a country or city largely surrounded by water like Florida or another selling boats in a country or city largely surrounded by land like Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

The answer is obvious. The one selling boats in Florida will sell more because the whole state is surrounded by water, therefore the population require boats for travel, fishing and recreation.

That business owner in Florida will sell more because he/she has access to the right audience, the right population, the right customer base. Access is the keyword.

On the other hand, the one  in Riyadh Saudi Arabia will hardly sell because the whole city, even the whole country of Saudi Arabia is vastly land. Everywhere is covered by land, therefore, there’s very little need for boats.

Here’s the third scenario.

Who’ll sell more? A business owner selling Rose Royce in a very poor country like Burundi or another business owner selling that same Rose Royce in a very rich country and neigborhood like the United Arabs Emirates?

where can you sell a rose royce?
Where can you sell a Rose Royce – UAE or Burundi?

I’m certain you’ll say, the business owner in the United Arabs Emirates will sell more Rose Royce. This business owner will sell more because there is a large population of wealthy people in the United Arables Emirates that can and are ready to afford the Rose Royce.

You see? It’s all about access to the right size of customer base, and the right kind of customers.

That’s why you pay more per view, per click and per conversion when you run ads on Facebook or Google targeting certain countries and cities than others. It’s because of their different demographic. It’s because of the different types of people in those countries and cities, the types of things they want, the types of products they need and the size of their spending power.

Certain countries and cities have more money than others. They earn more and live a different kind of lifestyle, and thus have the ability and capacity to buy certain products that people in less equipped countries won’t be able to afford or don’t even need in the first place.

Now, applying these 3 scenerios to business owners digitally selling their products online.

The reason why you’re not selling online is likely not because you’re selling the wrong product, but most likely because you don’t have access to the right audience.

You don’t have access to the people that are interested in that product. You haven’t been able to draw or garner the attention and eyeballs of those interested in the products that you offer.

You don’t have access to this audience yet.

What is the solution?

The solution is to build an audience of people interested in your product. Most people and businesses that complain they’re not selling online have almost zero online presence.

Some don’t even have a website and are only selling through their whatsapp status. They have very little or no social media following.

You have not situated yourselves in the middle of those interested in your product. You’re like that business owner selling boats in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, or the one selling Rose Royce in Burundi.

You’re not selling because your business does not have access to the community of people that require your products or services.

If you want to sell consistently online, then you need to focus on building a brand and attracting followers to that brand. Make it easy for people to connect with you on the various social media platforms, especially those where your ideal customers are.

How do you attract followers to your brand? Through content creation. Create content on different social media platforms that will appeal to and draw the attention of people in your niche or people interested in the products you offer.

Once that audience is built, you’ll never complain about sales anymore.

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