Why I Don’t Believe The 1hr – 2hr Workday Bullcrap

why I don't believe the 1hr to 2hr a day bullcrap

Some creators come online, and try to sell you the dream that you can work for just 1hr a day or 2hrs a day and live a life of luxury.

They tell you that’s what they do, when in reality they worked their asses off to get to where they are, and are still working their asses off till date.

I do believe at some point in your creator journey, in your business journey, with a certain level of success, you can afford to limit the amount of time you work in a day to about 1 or 2hrs a day.

However, I believe you’ll only get to that point after you’ve already done all the initial hard work required to get you to that level. That’s when you’ve worked your ass off so much, and attain so much success, that you now have the capacity to delegate most of the tasks you usually do by yourself.

That’s when you can now afford other people to work on your behalf. To help you do those time-consuming things you used to do.

Only then can you afford to work 1hr or 2hr days.

Do you really know any successful entrepreneur that works 1hr or 2hr days?

When you really paint the whole picture, no entrepreneur works 1hr or 2hr days. They work throughout the day.

Maybe they’re not doing the jobs themselves and carrying out the tasks themselves, but they have workers, they have employees in various stations getting the job done.

But at the very start of the company, do they have all that? No they don’t. They work 10+ hrs a day, 12+ hrs a day. They stay awake at night while people are sleeping, working their asses off, chasing that bag, chasing that dream that they want to bring to reality.

So, here’s my advice for you.

As a new creator, as a new business owner, as a founder, as anybody trying to start any kind of business, especially the ones you start from home, forget any dreams of working 1hr or 2hrs per day, while lying down on your couch and sipping some tea. At least forget it at first.

You want to go all in at first. Put in all the hours, put in the work, burn the midnight oil, hustle your ass off. No 1hr or 2hr work days. Put in as much hours as you can to get that business to lift-off the ground.

Think of it like getting a rocket off the ground. Imagine all those Space X rockets that are launched into space.

It takes a tremendous amount of fuel and energy to get them to lift off from the launch pad. In fact, it takes much more energy to get them to lift off, than to keep them in the air.

Think of your business as that rocket. 1hr to 2hr work days won’t lift it off the ground.

You need more. You need much more.

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