Whenever I Find Myself In A Difficult Situation, This Is What I Do

every time I find myself in a difficult situation

Whenever I find myself in a very difficult situation I don’t know how to get out of, this is what I do.

I think of the solution as something I haven’t discovered yet. I never see my situation as inescapable or unsolvable.

The solution exists, I just can’t see it yet. That is what I keep reminding myself.

I picture the solution as something under the horizon, just farther away from my line of sight at the moment. I can’t see it yet, but if I just keep moving forward, if I keep going forward I’ll find it right where it is.

Like the mast of a ship rising up from the horizon, it will appear.

The solution is there. It’s where it is. I just can’t see it yet, but it’s there.

If I stay where I am, I’ll never see it. Because it’s just out there over the curvature of the horizon.

All I need to do is move forward, or climb higher to just catch my first glimpse of it.

I’ve been alive for some time now. I’ve encountered several difficult situations, several setbacks and challenges. But there’s none I’ve never been able to overcome if I just kept moving forward.

I always tell myself. It’s just out there, just under the horizon. And the beautiful thing is that this theory has always held true for me. If I really keep moving forward, I always find a way out of any challenge I find myself in.

hope in the horizon

If I don’t give up, if I don’t feel like a victim or call myself one, and I really take matters into my own hand and fight, I eventually win.

And the more wins I get, the more setbacks I’m able to overcome, the more challenges I’m able to escape, the more confident I become. The stronger I become.

It’s as simple as that guys. It’s as simple as that. Just keep moving forward. Keep going.

Don’t fall and stay down. Move, bob and weave.

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