Use Trends To Make Money As A Creator

make money as a creator from trends

If you want to make money as a creator, you must recognize trends early enough and jump in on them.

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong in doing what everyone else is doing, as long as it’s working. Sometimes, it pays by following the crowd, jumping on the bandwagon, blending in.

Do you know that, if you use certain trendy music in your reels, shorts and stories, facebook, youtube and other platforms will recommend it to more people?

Yes it’s true.

That’s because the algorithm recognizes that music as something that a lot of people like, and when you use it in your video, they automatically recommend it to more people, because they associate your video with that popular music.

Now, the more people find that your video, watches it, engages with it and maybe buy from you, the more money you make. All because you used a trendy music.

So, as a creator, you must be on the lookout on what’s trending in your niche and use it for your content.

For instance, about 5 years ago, there was nothing like ChatGPT. Today however, everybody’s talking about ChatGPT and so on. The moment ChatGPT came out, the first people that created content about it, wrote about it, or made videos about it, received more views and made more money from it.

And till date, those videos are still there getting views.

So, never ever underestimate what’s trending, even though you don’t like it. Even though you don’t like the trend, write about it or make a video about it to express your views.

When ChatGPT came out, I really didn’t like it at first, because I felt it’s a tool that makes possible for people that don’t even know what they’re writing about to put subpar content out there that doesn’t fulfill its purpose, and make it harder to find highly researched and relevant content. I thought the multitude of substandard content produced with it will make it difficult to even find content from genuine creators that pour out their mind and soul into each piece of their content.

Turned out I was wrong. Well-written high-qaulity content will always stand out and gain more traction than 1 million AI-generated content from any online software.

So, even though I didn’t like ChatGPT at first, I still wrote about it and still use it myself for research purposes.

You must never underestimate trends.

Even though you don’t like something, every other person might be into it

This is one of the major reasons you must follow and create content about trends even though you don’t like them.

Your content is not meant for you. It’s meant for your audience, for people out there. So, even though you don’t like a particular trend or topic that’s going around, you must learn about it, and talk about it.

Even though you don’t like a particular tool, you must create content about it, and express your views, so that you can stay relevant.

The name of the game is to stay relevant. If you’re not talking about what’s going on in your niche, it means you’re uninformed, and you’re not going to receive the love of the social media and search algorithms.

Go through the content of other creators in your niche and replicate their best performing content

No matter how special you think you are, the odds are someone else is already doing or have already done the same thing you’re trying to do.

There are other people in your niche already creating the same type of content you want to create. Find the ones that you admire their content, follow them on social media, if possible, subscribe to their email list. One trick to win early in your niche is to replicate their best performing content.

I’m not saying you should copy paste other people’s content. Not at all. Just go through their content, go through their blog. Look at the topics they’ve touched. Find the ones that are doing very well for them, their articles people share the most, their videos people watch the most, and social media posts people like the most, and recreate them in your own way, using your own thoughts and your own voice.

Do this, and you’ll get an easy start to your content creation journey. You don’t have to guess what the audience in your niche likes. You just have to repeat what’s already working for people in your niche.

Create content about topics that are not even in your niche if they’re trending.

If a particular topic is trending, and it’s not a topic in your niche, you must find a way to create content about it in a way that relates it to your niche. Even if it’s just a mention of it in one of your articles, videos, reels or shorts on Tik-Tok or any other platform.

You must stay relevant and up to date. For instance, in the ChatGPT example I gave above, even though your niche is Gardening and you only talk about plants and vegetable, you can still create content about ChatGPT.

Here’s how:

You can title an article or a video as, “I asked Chatgpt to give me 10 ways to use radishes for preparing dinner”. That can be the title of a video or an article, and by making that video, short or article, you have written or created content about the most trending topic on the internet. And when people search for ChatGPT on Google, YouTube or any other platform, your content will still show up, allowing you to get more people to connect with you and your business.

This helps you stay relevant, and ensures your content pops up no matter what’s happening in the world.

Follow the trends and make more money for yourself.

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