The Recipe For Success And Sanity As A Writer

recipe for success and sanity as a writer

The simple act of writing on a daily basis can change your life financially. But there’s a recipe you must follow if you want to become a successful writer, and also enjoy your job as a writer.

It’s quite hard to live a happy fulfilling life or attain real success in life if you’re not doing what you love and enjoy. That’s why when I talk about creating content online and writing for a living, I really emphasize writing about something you find to be interesting.

Something you do everyday, something you find fascinating. Something you don’t have to study for hours before you can write about.

An article or newsletter from you should not be as if you’re writing an essay for an exam. It should just be something that comes from within you.

Like me writing this little newsletter, this little article. I didn’t read this anywhere. It’s something I know. It’s something I’ve had experience with, and it’s something I can write about without reading books and studying for several hours.

Most of my writing nowadays is just me writing about my own experience. It’s just me telling you what works for me and what doesn’t work for me.

So for instance, if you own a poultry farm, a homestead or something like that, you can write about farming, homesteading, poultry or something like that. You write about what works for you, you educate other people about what you doing in your farm.

When you write about this, you don’t have to look this up from anywhere, it’s something that you do, everyday. It’s your own experience you’re sharing, you don’t have to look this up in a book, or read about it before you write to your audience.

Sure, you can do some research to support your writing, but that is it.

There was a time, a created a blog about fitness and food. I called it I thought I could write about fitness and food, but I just couldn’t. It wasn’t enjoyable writing about it, because I’m not that guy that’s really into food and fitness. I barely know how to cook, and I don’t know anything about the right foods to eat if you want to get fit.

I couldn’t make the blog a success because of that single reason. I had to read other blogs, and rewrite their content in my own blog. That’s a whole lot of work, I didn’t enjoy it. So, it was just me wasting my time, trying to write about something I had no idea about.

So friends, if you want to become a successful writer, make sure you write about what you know. Write about what you you’re interested in, what you find fascinating, what you do everyday, so that writing about it won’t feel like work. It will just feel like you telling people about what’s going on in your life.

Writing will be pleasurable, it will be fun, and you’ll look forward to it every day.

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