Start Monetizing Your Very First Piece Of Content – Here’s How

I used to be that guy that was waiting to build a large enough audience before I’d monetize my content. Until, I came across revelation online that change my mindset and my life till this day.

Immediately, I changed my mindset from that of waiting to build a large enough audience before I could monetize, to monetizing that very first content view I get. That very first few traffic.

That’s what a business is. If you’re not trying to make money right from the first day of opening your business, what are you operating?

Can we still call that a business? I don’t think so.

You must find a way start monetizing your content right away.

And the way you start monetizing right away, from the very first person that views your post is for you to start pitching them an offer right away.

Tell people what you can do for them right away.

Stop teaching jargons that mean nothing and just get straight to the point. Tell people what you can do for them, the problem you solve.

Each and every person that consumes content have what they’re looking for.

As people scroll through X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tick-Tok, the question they ask themselves in their mind when they find your content is this:

What’s in it for me?

No matter how clever you are, no matter how beautiful your content is, if you don’t answer that question, if you don’t tell people what’s in it for them, what you can do for them, the problem you can solve for them, then they’re not interested in your content.

And if they’re not interested in you and what you have to say, then you can’t monetize immediately.

So, stop being ambiguous with your content. Tell people what you can do for them, and you can start monetizing immediately.

If you’re a public speaking coach, let them know you’re a public speaking coach. If you’re an artist, and you teach people how to draw and paint for a living, make it crystal clear, that’s what you do.

Trust me, this makes it easier for you to make money as a content creator.

If you’re still confused and need help on how to really drill down on this, I’ve created a free guide where I explain everything you need to do in detail.

So you don’t spend weeks and months creating content into the void without any idea on how to monetize it.

If you’re interested in the guide, enter your email address in the form below, so I can send it to you.

Monetize Your Content From Day – 1

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