Why And How To Print Yourself In Digital Form

why and how to print yourself in digital form

The purpose of content is to print ourselves in a digital form that includes our personality, our ideas, our thoughts and everything that makes us us, so that people from all over the world can download this digital form through their devices, and connect with us, and we can connect with them and do business with them even though we’re not there with them directly.

You have to print yourself in digital form.

That’s why I don’t see content as going out there and just reproducing what other people have already created. It’s not about regurgitating the same old information.

It’s all about putting you, your ideas, your thoughts, what makes you you, in a digital form so that other people who share the same ideas as you can connect with you and do business with you.

That’s why it’s not okay to just copy what other people have created or use AI to create the flesh of ideas in our content.

You can use AI to carry out tasks, to edit videos, to beautify and sharpen images, to schedule content on social media, and all of that, but you never use AI to create the content itself, to create the thought and ideas in the content itself.

It’s an abomination to do that. It’s a crime. That does not make you a creator.

Maybe you’re just out here for the money, and that’s totally fine. But even if you’re just out here for the money, you’re not going to make much of it or leave a solid digital footprint behind you by mass producing a bunch of low quality no-thought ideas and sharing them all over the internet.

Nobody will know you for it. Well-meaning intelligent people will cringe when they come across your content because they can see through the content and see the artificial intelligence behind it.

That’s not what you want. What you want is to print yourself digitally.

You are a person, with personality with ideas, with knowledge, with character, with skills and everything.

Share that instead.

Share your ideas, share your personality, share your skills to other people, and include that personal touch that only another human can add.

Print yourself digitally. Share your ideas and your thoughts in digital form.

And you’ll find that there are so many people out there that share the same ideas as you. You’ll make friends across the globe. You’ll build a network across the globe. You’ll build business across the globe. And you’ll make money across the globe.

You’ve just got to print yourself in digital form.

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