How To Overcome The Beginner Hurdle As A Creator

overcome the beginner hurdle as a creator

One of the first hurdle everyone has to overcome when trying out something new, something they’ve not done before, especially in business is the Beginner hurdle.

The beginner hurdle is very deceptive hurdle that acts as a mental blockade and weakens your resolve to follow through with tasks you’ve already started.

It does so by casting doubt in your mind as to whether you’re doing it right. You hear thoughts in your mind like, am I even doing this right? How am I sure I’m not wasting my time? Is this really how it’s supposed to be done?

All of a sudden, even though you started with enthusiasm towards this new thing, this new business, this new skill that you’re learning, once you get to the difficult parts, you start questioning yourself, wondering whether you’re doing it right.

The beginner hurdle which sews seeds of doubts in your mind usually rears its ugly head when things start getting difficult as you learn a new skill or start a new business.

It usually comes up when the going gets tough. It mounts a mental roadblock along your way through casting doubts in your own ability.

Here’s How To Overcome It

Overcoming the beginner hurdle is quite straightforward. The beginner hurdle is a mental hurdle, it’s in the mind.

So, overcoming it is usually done through a mindset shift. You just need to adopt a new mindset about every new thing you start.

You’re always doubting yourself and you see yourself not doing something right because you see other people doing it better and excelling in it.

What you fail to realize is that those people doing it right, excelling in it were once beginners like you.

Nobody was born a master at anything. At one point, everything we know today was once unknown, every master of anything was once a beginner. A total novice.

But they pushed through the learning period, they pushed through all the doubts, all the failures and they mastered it because they set their mind to it.

So, all you need to do is adopt this mindset. You’re a beginner now. Tomorrow, you’ll become a master, as long as you don’t allow the beginner hurdle block your path to mastery.

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