On The Road To Wealth – This Is What Gets Most People Stuck

on the road to wealth - this gets people stuck

On the road to wealth and prosperity, there’s a road block, a checkpoint, a very tough roadblock. And most people never pass through it. They get stuck.

Every man and every woman must come upon at least one opportunity to attain wealth in their life. At least one. I’m just saying one so as not to exaggerate, because I’m pretty sure most of us come upon several opportunities to attain wealth in our lives.

However, very few people become wealthy, while the rest languish in mediocrity and poverty. The question is, why do most people never get rich? Why do majority of people just become average at most, and never become truly wealthy.

The answer is, on the road to wealth, most people get stuck at a certain point. A roadblock. Most people get to this point, they look forward, and abandon everything. Most people never move past this point.

What’s this point I’m talking about?

Let me explain.

The richest people in the world made their money by building, inventing or coming up with a new product, then selling it to the public. Elon Musk came up with Tesla, he makes his billions by selling electric cars. Before Tesla, he was co-founder of PayPal. He used his share of the sales of PayPal to start Tesla and Space X.

Jeff Bezos created Amazon. Started with selling books. From books, Amazon has since grew to the current stage where it’s the biggest and most popular online marketplace in the whole world, where you can buy almost any thing you want.

Bill gates founded Microsoft. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook and that made them extremely wealthy.

Now, you might be asking, where am I going with this? Well, here’s what you must know about all these wealthy people, that most people are unaware of.

What most people see when they look at these wealthy people is the final product. They look at the result and not the process, stages and sacrifices that lead to the result.

Tesla and SpaceX weren’t always very successful products as they are today. Amazon wasn’t Amazon from day 1. Microsoft wasn’t always this Microsoft Windows that more than 70 percent of today’s desktops and laptops uses, and Facebook definitely wasn’t always this Facebook that generates billions of dollars in a year.

At first none of these companies made any money. At first they all struggled. Some started in a garage. All of them experienced really difficult times that made them think about just folding up and moving on with their lives.

But the difference between these billion dollar companies, and those people with similar ideas that never came to light or never became successful, is that the owners of these companies did not let the hard times stop them from following through and pushing on with their idea.

They did not look at all the work that they’d have to do, all the hours they’d have to put in, all the days they’d have to work alone, without anybody’s recognition, and just give up on everything. They did not quit when they got to these moments or difficult stage in their business. They continued and pushed through when it mattered the most.

You see? This is where most people get stuck. Most people have tried to start businesses that could have ended up being very successful like Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and so many other successful businesses out there. But when they got to the difficult part, when they looked at all the hours they’d have to put in, all the effort, all the sleepless nights, all the loneliness that would have to go into making this thing a success, they just called it quit. They did not roll up their sleeves and pushed on. Instead, they tucked their tail and ran.

That moment, that stage, that point in a business where everything gets really hard, where the business is not making enough money or any money for that matter, that stage where it requires a lot of work to push through, a lot of hours, often spent alone by yourself, without anyone’s acknowledgement of your efforts, without nobody patting you on your back, that’s the moment most people get stuck. That’s the stage most people abandon a perfectly good business idea, and run.

The problem is not that the business wasn’t a good one. The problem is that, they didn’t have the perseverance and tenacity to continue and push through when the chips were down.

On the road to wealth, most people get stuck and quit in that stage where they’d have to put in a lot of work and effort without immediate reward to keep their business and dreams afloat.

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