Niche Down As A Content Creator By Not Niching Down

Niche down by not niching down

The age old advice of niching down.

It’s one of the worst advice you can ever get as a newbie creator because it confides you in a box and prevents you from spreading your wings and growing your audience as far and wide as possible.

But there’s a smart way to do it, which I’m going to talk about in this article.

Before going on however, I want to stress that anybody that tells you to niche down is either inexperienced and have no idea about what they’re saying, or they just want to see you waste your time for nothing.

Because even though niching down has its advantages, the disadvantages far outweighs those advantages and does much more serious damage to your brand and business in the long run.

Niching down simply means creating content and marketing exclusively to one group of people and that group of people only. It means creating content for the niche within a niche of a niche.

It means if your business targets plumbers as clients, then you should create content exclusively for plumbers. And trust me, that’s a sure route to slow growth that will eventually plateau too soon.

Because there are only so much plumbers in the world, and it will take you a very long time for all of them to find your content. And if you’re so lucky and they all eventually did find your content, then your business will stop growing, then your brand stops growing and that’s it.

That’s the biggest disadvantage of niching down. It’s slow growth that will eventually plateau at some point.

Another disadvantage to niching down is that you find it very difficult coming up with new content ideas after some time.

If you’re just talking to plumbers and plumbers only, how many content ideas can you come up with? Not that much. You create content about tools for plumbers, clothes for plumbers and stuffs like that. After some time, you run out of content ideas.

And the more content ideas you try to force out from that one small tiny niche, the more boring each new content idea turns out to be for someone finding your content, that’s not a plumber.

So niching so far down eventually turns out to be a lose lose situation for you. Even though you end up with a very specific targeted audience, it takes a very long time and painstaking work to create that audience.

Your content gets very little exposure because it’s not for everybody. When you post it on social media, it receives very little attention and reactions due to the very small audience of people it was created for.

So, what’s the alternative to niching down?

The alternative to niching down is to NOT niche down, while at the same time also niching down.

That might sound confusing and contradictory, but hear me out.

Here’s how I do it. Instead of creating exclusive content for a small subset of a people in a particular niche, I create inclusive content for everybody. Content that will attract the attention of almost everybody that sees it. While at the same time, I do have specific message in all of my content that speaks exactly to the small audience I’m targeting.

I make sure I have clear call to actions in every one of my content that speaks directly to that small target audience.

So, for instance, with plumbers as your main target audience, you don’t just create content exclusively for plumbers, like “5 best tools for plumbers”. Instead you can say “5 telltale warning signs you need to call a plumber”.

As you can see, that’s not just content for plumbers. That’s content for everybody. Everybody would want to read that, including your main target audience, which are plumbers.

That’s how you attract everybody.

You want to become a story teller. Create stories that attract everyone with your content. Tell your audience about “how your house got flooded because you left the tap running, and how one plumbing fixture could have prevented that from happening”.

Just create content stories that pull everyone in whether they’re plumbers or not.

Now, in every piece of content, you want to make sure, you have clear offers and call to actions that speaks directly to your very specific target audience.

That will ensure that you’re able to collect leads for your business directly through these content pieces that attracts everybody including your main target audience.

That’s how you niche down, while at the same time, not niching down.

You have content that attracts everybody, while at the same time, you have clear offers in your content, in your call to actions that attracts just the right target audience, and the right customers you want for business.

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