How Most Famous People Who Came From Nothing Got Rich

how most famous people got rich

Do you know that one of the first things you’re thought in school is responsible for the riches of most of the famous people you know today? From musicians, to actors, novelists, publishers, social media influencers, and so on.

One of the first things you were thought in school is how to write. You’re thought how to write single letters.

From there you’re thought how to use these single letters to form words, and then how to use these words to form sentences.

Then, you’re thought how to use these sentences to form essays, to express yourself, to talk to people and to effectively tell your story.

Basically, you’re thought how to use words and expression to live in this world. Without the ability to express yourself, to tell your story, you can’t relate with others, you can’t influence people, and if you can’t influence people, you can’t get anything you want in this world.

This skill of writing is responsible for the riches of most of the famous people you know today. It’s one of the most important skill we all need in every facet of life. That’s why we’re all thought it first.

I don’t know what you want exactly. But I do bet it’s material, and it involves money, influence or power. If you want any of that, you must be able to convince other people to follow you, to join your course or to do something you want them to do.

And how do you make that happen? Through words.

It’s through words, words written, spoken, expressed to influence your environment to produce that which you want. Words are very powerful, and the best people at using them, are formidable.

Here’s one truth you must know

The more people you can convince to believe in your course, the more money and power you can control.

In this our age, social media is one of the greatest medium people use to connect, and influence other people to join their course. Before there was social media, most of the rich and famous people you know today wouldn’t be rich, powerful and famous.

People like MrBeast, James Clear, and so many other famous people out there today are just nobody’s like you and I who saw the power of social media early enough, and learned how to use it to influence people all over the world. To cause people to agree with what they say, follow them, share their message, buy what they sell, and help them make money.

The truth is that words are very powerful, and you can use them to communicate your ideas and cause people to follow you, cause them to join your course. You can use words to help people and in turn enrich yourself in the process.

The easiest and simplest way to use words is through writing. Some of us are blessed with speaking. Some are very good speakers, but most people know how to write.

Most people are willing to write, but very few people are willing to step on stage and speak to a crowd or even speak to a camera.

The good news is that you don’t even need to be a good speaker to use words to influence and cause people to follow you and join your course.

You just need to learn how to write. You need to learn how to use written words to influence people, to convince them to follow you and take an action you want them to take. Whether you want them to buy a product you’re selling, patronize a business you’re promoting or any other thing that helps you achieve your goal.

Writing is very powerful, and if you learn how to do it the right way, you will be formidable. You’ll be able to achieve whatever you want to achieve, as long as you can write about it consistently enough.

I make money online through writing and I believe you can do it too if you do the following.

Figure out a topic YOU KNOW you can write about.

If you really want to make money as a writer, you must figure out something, a topic you can write about. Preferably, something you do everyday. If you make hats, write about hat making. If you’re painter, write about painting. Just write about something you’re very knowledgeable about.

If you’re not knowledgeable about it, and you don’t really know about that topic, you’ll find it very difficult coming up with ideas to write about, and even getting motivated to write about it at all.

This step is very important. You must write about something that you know that you find interesting yourself, and you’ll like to share with other people.

Write about it everyday.

This step is also very important. Even if you’re an expert about a certain topic, if you don’t show up every day, you don’t write about it everyday, you’re never ever going to make money or achieve anything as a writer.

You must try to write at least something to share with people everyday. You must be a committed and consistent writer, if your goal is to make money as a writer.

If you got the first step right, which is to choose a topic that you really know about and you really find interesting, then you wouldn’t have any issue, getting motivated, showing up every day and actually writing about it.

Share it with people

If you really want to make money as a writer, you don’t just write and keep your writing to yourself. You share it with people. The more you write and the more you share this writing with people, you build an audience of people who agree with you or are interested in what you’re writing about.

With this audience built, you get paid when you promote products or businesses to your audience. The larger and more organic your audience is, the more money you stand to make.

Talking about sharing your writing with people, you can start a blog just as a have here. If you don’t want to start a blog, you can create social media pages and use these pages to share your writings daily.

The more you write, the more people find your writing, the more your audience grows and the more influence and money you can generate as a writer.

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