How Andrew Tate Got Rich With Unorthodox Means

how andrew tate got rich

In this world, you can either play the protagonist or the antagonist, the hero or the villain. Andrew Tate chose to play the villain, and I know why.

Andrew Tate is probably a genius. Because I think he planned everything that’s happening to him now, right from day one. His success, his fame, his personality, even his prison time, everything was planned by him beforehand.

He knew what he was getting himself into. He knew the risk of it all. But he weighed the risks with the benefits, with the rewards, and I think he concluded within himself, that the rewards far outweighed the risks or consequences of the actions he planned to take.

You see, there are a few different ways to get famous. It’s either you play the good guy, follow the rules, and slowly get famous, or break the rules, play the bad guy, the polarizing guy, and erupt into fame. Andrew Tate chose to play the bad guy. And not just any bad guy. He chose to play the guy, everyone loves to hate.

People love to hate. Trust me they do. People easily get offended, especially nowadays. And they’re ready to do anything to bring down all those they feel have offended them. 

Andrew chose to be that villain, so the whole world would hate him. And he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exactly what he was getting himself into. He knew people would hate him, he knew the consequences of his actions, but he said the things he said anyway, and he did the things he did anyway.

Andrew Tate is a villain. When I think of him, I think of the Joker in Batman. I think of Lex Luthor in Superman, I think of Kang the conqueror. Not in a direct sense, but in a purposeful sense. He has a method to his madness. He’s smart. Very smart. If you’re not smart, you can’t be Andrew Tate. You just can’t. You can’t cause a lot of stir, a lot of commotion like him, and be as successful as him. There’s a method to his madness.

I’ve actually listened to the guy talk at length, and all I can sense is intelligence. Real intelligence, not the one acquired from school and bought with money. This guy is actually smart, really smart. The way he speaks, the way he thinks, the way he puts his words together, the way he articulates his thoughts, you know this man has a method to his madness. He’s the real deal. He’s like Lex Luthor, like the Joker, like Kang. He actually knows what he’s doing.

Andrew Tate is not after the chaos, he feeds from the chaos.

You see, if you want to make money online or offline, you need a lot of attention, you need to command a lot of attention. You need people listening to whatever you’re saying, reading whatever you’re writing and so on. It doesn’t matter if half the people listening to you or watching you hate you. All that really matters is if they’re listening or if they’re watching.

Here’s why you need a lot of attention. A 30 second Super Bowl ads costs about 7 million dollars. Just an ad that will run for a mere 30 seconds cost 7 million dollars. Why does it cost that much? It’s because the super bowl is one of the most viewed sporting event on TV. Every year, tens and hundreds of millions of people watch it, because it’s broadcasted on over 200 TV channels, 445 radio stations and in 180 countries around the world. That’s how much coverage the super bowl has.

That means anything you advertise on the Super Bowl, even if it’s just for 30 seconds, people all over the world are going to see it. That lot of eyes seeing whatever you’re advertising will make it popular, and that popularity means more sales, and more money for you.

My point is, to make money, to make life changing money, to make Andrew Tate kind of money, you need a lot of attention. You need to command a lot of attention. And when I say a lot, I mean you need the world to hear your name and know who you are.

Andrew Tate knew this, and he set on a course to make it happen.

Like I said earlier, there are two major ways to get famous today, especially on the internet. You can play the good guy and slowly grow into fame, or you can play the bad guy, the controversial guy, the guy with the polarizing personality and views, and erupt into fame.

I’m not saying you should go say toxic things, discriminatory things and offend people. I’m just talking about Andrew and what I think he did.

People don’t talk much about good, agreeable people. They talk about polarizing people, people that challenge the system. Opinionated people, people that are not afraid to go against popular opinion. Even if the opinion is going to cause a lot of stir, even if it’s going to offend a lot of people. Andrew Tate is not afraid to offend people. He does it every time. And I believe, it’s all for a reason. I believe it’s all planned out.

Andrew Tate wasn’t born rich. He came from a humble beginning. Even when he competed as a professional kickboxer and won some championships, he was still relatively unknown.

It was not until he started making all those videos online, saying a lot of controversial things, and offending people here and there, that the world started to really notice him, because they hated they hated him. He made a lot of controversial statements about women and men, and he talked about everything you could think about that is offensive to people. People label him as a misogynist, that he exhibits toxic masculinity. Yes, it came with a lot of baggage, a lot of hate, but Andrew Tate achieved the fame.

And I tell you today, that all this didn’t just happen by chance. It was all planned out. It was his plan all along. Like I said, he wasn’t born rich. Not that he was born poor, but he wasn’t born with the kind of wealth he wanted. He surely wasn’t born with the kind of wealth he has now.

So, I believe Andrew Tate created all of this stir. All of this commotion. Because he knew one thing. The more famous you are, the more people know you, the more social power you command, the more ears listen to what you say, and the more eyeballs watch your content, whether they’re watching for your downfall or not, the more money you make.

Andrew Tate stirred a lot of attention through saying things that are outrageous, things that are shocking and intolerable. He fed off the attention he stirred, and he’s still feeding off it till date.

You might ask, how does he make money from all the attention he generates from everything he does? Well, he has an educational program called the Real World you can access through his website, where he claims to teach people how to generate massive amounts of wealth like him and escape the matrix. The price for the program is 49.99 dollars per month.

And with him being one of the most Googled man on the planet, you can tell, he has no shortage of people signing up for this program, and making him a shit load of money.

I believe Andrew Tate planned it all from the beginning. Andrew Tate is a villain, but I do believe he’s very smart one.

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