How To Earn Passive Income Online As A Writer

earn passive income online as a writer

When you hear the term passive income, what comes to your mind?

Easy money right?

That’s because passive income has mostly been misinterpreted and have been defined wrongly by many for a very long time.

Most people think, passive income is income that you generate without much effort, and that is totally wrong.

Look at the screenshot of what I got when I searched for passive income on Google. This is what I got.

passive income - investopedia snippet

The snippet shown from Investopedia says it’s “money that doesn’t take much time or effort to make and you don’t earn it from a traditional job.”

I’d agree with the later part, that you don’t earn it from a traditional job. But the first part that it’s money that doesn’t take much time or effort to make is totally wrong.

I know that’s just a snippet taken from the article on the Investopedia site. I know you’ll have a better understanding of what passive income means when you go through the whole article on Investopedia, but even having it written like that anywhere in their article is wrong.

Passive income is NOT “money that doesn’t take much time or effort to make”. In fact, there’s no money that doesn’t take much time or effort to make.

Doctors make a lot of money, but people seem to forget the number of years they spent in school and the rigorous learning and training they went through to become doctors.

Having that in mind, let me explain what Passive Income is in simple terms, so you get a clear idea of what it is.

I’d define Passive Income as recurring income based on an initial substantial investment you’ve made in the past, that now requires minimal effort to keep ongoing.

That’s what passive income is. It’s NOT income that doesn’t take much time or effort. Rather, it requires a very substantial investment in either time or money at first, but later on requires very little effort or investment to keep ongoing.

Say for instance, you built several apartments for rent, and you rented it out to people. And now, you’re getting paid monthly or yearly for the apartments you built.

The recurring money you’re now getting paid as rent for those apartments you built is passive income for you. It seems as if you’re doing almost nothing now to make that money, but people seem to forget the initial investment of money and time you spent in building those apartments.

You bought land, you bought materials, you paid skilled workers and engineers to erect your apartment, and now you’re getting paid rent for it. You’re generating passive income from your apartment.

That is not money generated from minimal effort. That’s money generated from a huge substantial initial effort.

And don’t forget, you still have to keep maintaining that apartment, and keeping it in good condition so that it continues generating passive income.

That is the idea of passive income. You invest huge initial effort in the form of money, resources, time, and then, even after you start receiving passive income, you still need to keep putting in smaller effort to keep your initial investment yielding profit.

So, here is what you need to know if you want to earn passive income online

Don’t get deceived by any of these gurus that you can make money or generate passive income by doing almost nothing.

Look, you don’t make money from doing nothing. You make money from doing something or investing in something that later yields dividends or profit.

You don’t get rich quick by doing nothing. There’s like get rich quick. Run when you hear anyone telling you that you’ll get rich quick by doing nothing, maybe laying down in your couch while you watch videos online.

Those are just bullshit.

You want to make money? you want to generate Passive Income? you’ve got to work, you’ve got to invest, you’ve got to be an entrepreneur and put in that huge initial investment in something that later yields consistent revenue for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How to earn passive income as a writer

I always talk about making money as a writer because, guess what, I’m a writer. I wrote this.

And this is how I make money.

Making money as a writer is not easy at first. But it get’s easier later, once you start seeing the money coming in.

Once you start earning that passive income.

Now, do you think it’s easy to sit down and write this article? No, it took my time, it took energy, and it took a lot of thought to put this article together.

I wrote this because I want to teach you what I know. But in the grand scheme of things, this article will earn me money in the future after I publish it.

It might not make me money the day I wrote it, might not make me any money a week after I wrote it, but as time goes on it will start generating passive income for me.

For instance, I’m currently working on a course to help new writers or those interested in writing/blogging make money online.

That course will be live in the future and a percentage of people that find this article will buy that course.

That’s money generated passively, from an article I wrote to educate people about what passive income is.

As a writer you, you earn passive income through the following:

Selling affiliate products
Display ads in your content.
Selling your own products

That’s how you make money as a writer, and all of these require very substantial initial effort. There’s a lot of work that goes into setting things up. Building up the framework you need to start making money as a writer from selling affiliate products, making money from display ads in your content, from sponsorships, from coaching, and from selling your own product.

Here’s where your initial investment is distributed as a writer

Social media marketing
Monetization strategy.

To earn passive income as a writer, you have a lot of initial learning you have to do. You maybe have to buy and invest in some courses that will show you exactly what you need to do to shorten your learning curve.

And then, to make money as a writer, you have to do a lot of writing, like this one you’re reading right now. Like a lot.

But don’t worry, writing is not difficult as long as you know what you’re writing about. For instance, apart from time, a few calories of energy and thought, it didn’t take me much to write this post.

Then, you need to learn some social media marketing, so people can see what you write. You don’t just write and wait for people to find it by themselves. You have to learn to put it out there so people can see your content.

Then finally, you have to invest in monetization. That may involve creating product. And creating a product is not easy. It can be expensive, especially if you’re creating your own product.

Maybe an online course. You may want to invest in a good digital camera.

Then you’ll also need to learn to record your online course and all of that. And all that requires time and effort.


At the end of the day, when you put in all that initial investment, you stand to make a lot of money. Trust me.

Especially when you do it right.

It’s a life long investment.

You stand to recurring income from that.

You stand to earn passive income as a writer.

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