It’s Alright To Create Content About The Same Topic All The Time

it's alright to create content about the same topic

Some people are afraid of creating content about the same topic all the time, because people will think they’re repetitive with their content.

If you want to build a brand online, around a particular subject, skill, service or product, using digital content, you must never be afraid of being repetitive with your content.

If you’re a company producing screwdrivers and you want to promote your screwdrivers online through content creation. There’s nothing wrong with talking about screwdrivers everyday.

A lot of creators are afraid of that, even I was afraid of doing that some time ago with my content. Because I thought, people were going to get bored of me talking about the same thing over and over again, being repetitive.

I was afraid people will call me a one trick pony. But, the reverse is actually the case.

If you’re a screwdriver company, talk about screwdrivers everyday. Nobody gives a fxck. In fact, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for your business to help your brand grow faster.

You Must Give People A Particular Reason To Visit Your Page

The reason why you should never be afraid to talk about the same subject all the time is that it gives people a particular reason to come to your page.

You don’t want to confuse people. You don’t want to talk about screwdrivers today, then tomorrow, you’re talking about dating and relationships. No, you don’t want to do that.

That will just confuse people, and make them uncertain about what your page is all about. Instead, you want to keep the theme of your content consistent.

If you’re a dating and relationships coach, then talk about dating and relationships 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year, it’s alright.

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