Chaos Is A Ladder – How To Turn Your Life Around Even In Chaos

chaos is a ladder

One of the greatest villains of the concluded show “Game of Thrones” is Peter Baelish, popularly known as Little Finger.

He was was of the most hated characters in the show, everybody hated him. I despised him so much while watching the show. I could not stand his sight. In fact, his death was one of the most satisfying deaths in the whole show.

But, there are some things about him I do admire. Some things I think every living person should learn from him, even though he was a very horrible person in the show.

During one of his conversations with Varys (another character in the show). He made a statement. He said, “Chaos is a ladder”. Chaos is a ladder. And we all know exactly what Little Finger is in the movie. He’s a snake. He’s a man that pitted one man against the other, one ruler against the other, one house against the other, and then while they stabbed and clawed each other to death, he thrived in the chaos.

That is NOT what I want you to imitate. That is not what I want  you to learn from him. There is something else you must learn.

Little Finger found hidden opportunities in every circumstance he found himself. That is exactly what you must learn.

No matter where you’re from, no matter your language, no matter your gender, no matter your skin color, no matter the condition you find yourself, no matter your background, you must find opportunities wherever you are. And you must try to rise from the ashes of chaos.

One of the biggest problems most people have is that they create limitations for themselves. They tell themselves, because I live in a certain country, that’s why I have not succeeded, because I can only speak a certain language, that’s why I have not made it, because I don’t come from a rich family, that’s why I’m still poor, my father was poor, that’s why I’m not successful, because I have a certain skin color, that’s why I’m in this condition.

Most of us are guilty of this. We keep creating certain limitations that hold us back in life. Excuses upon excuses. We have these limitations so ingrained in our mind, that we never make any effort towards the betterment of ourselves.

But, like Peter Baelish, Little Finger, we can find opportunities in whatever kind of chaos surrounding us.

If you look around, all over the world, there are many examples of people who have risen to the top of the world and achieved great things even though, they come from absolutely nothing, forgotten corners of the earth.

If you know of the UFC fighter Francis Nganou, that’s exactly his story. From the sand mines of Cameroon, he found his way to Europe, even though everyone around him was and is still swallowed by the Chaos. Even though nobody around him believed he could do it, he did not believe he was bound by the chaos. He found his way to Europe, and became the UFC heavyweight champion of the world.

After that, not quite long ago, along with being a UFC fighter, he also wanted to box. He told the UFC he wants to go into boxing. Even though the management refused, even though nobody agreed with him, even though the whole world said he was throwing his career away, that he was fumbling the bag, he left his position as the reigning heavy weight champion of the world in the UFC which is the world’s premier Mixed Martial Arts organization and signed with the PFL which is a relatively new MMA organization. He did all that at the risk of losing everything he’s worked for, at the risk of going to square zero, just so he could pursue his dream of boxing.

And today, he’s doing exactly that. He has since fought Tyson Fury and made a lot of money, more than he was paid in the UFC, and now he recently fought Anthony Joshua, which means more money, and another opportunity to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a professional boxer.

Everyone said he was throwing his career away. In the mist of uncertainty, in the mist of chaos, he thrived and proved that he’s right, and all those who doubted him are wrong.

Francis Nganou is just one of many examples of people who have thrived in the mist of chaos. There are so many unknown people out there who have done the same thing. So many people who are doing it right now, and they’re not so different from you.

Don’t set limitations for yourself. Wherever you are, whatever the conditions, whatever your background is, you must thrive in the mist of chaos. There are opportunities everywhere. You must find them.

Although I hated the character of Little Finger in the show Game of Thrones, I do agree with what he said.

“Chaos is a ladder.”

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