Answering This Question Well Will Help You Make Money Online

Many people think making money online is a trick. They think it’s not real. Some even think it’s impossible, that it’s a joke.

When you tell them you make money online, they don’t believe you.

I’ve seen the faces of most people when I tell them, that’s how I make my green. They look at me like I’m some punk trying to swindle them off their money.

But the truth is, whether you like it or not, there’s a big-axx creator industry out there, where people are making money from what they know in their head. They’re monetizing their knowledge, their skills and their ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. It already exists.

Now, the real question you must answer if you want to join this group of creators making money online is the one written below. The title of the next subheading.

What is your offer? What are you selling?

To make money, you have to part with something of value that the person giving you the money deems fit to be equivalent to the value of the money that they’re giving you.

The reason why most people don’t understand that people really make money online, is because they don’t see the business aspect of the internet.

All they think of the internet is a place where they interact with friends, family, and share cute cat pics.

But the truth is, the internet was really designed for business purposes, not for you to share your cute cat pics.

The way you make money online, on the internet is the same way you make it offline. You just got to see the business aspect of it. You just got to sell something online, and people will give you money for it.

That’s how we make money online, we sell products of value, and people pay us money for them.

But the way selling works offline is hardly the way it works online.

So, if you really want to make money online, you have to understand how selling works online. You have to learn how to sell products and services online.

The next question is: what can you sell online?


The beautiful thing about selling online is that there are certain things you can sell online that you can’t sell offline.

In fact, you can sell almost anything online. The other day, I came across someone selling sand online.

You can sell anything, you can sell physical products, you can sell services, and most importantly, you can sell digital products.

Without the internet, there won’t be digital products. And the digital product/eLearning market is one of the fastest growing right now. The business of selling digital products is one of the fastest growing in the whole world.

That’s why the internet is so powerful. Because with it, you can sell almost anything, even without touching any kind of inventory, build a business for yourself, and make money online.

So, the question you really want to answer if you really want to make money online is: What are you selling? What are you going to sell to make that money? What’s your offer?

If you can answer that question confidently, then you’re one step closer to actually making money online.

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